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"Erin is an exceptionally trained, stylistic-driven actor. Her preparation work and specificity in character choices allows for ease and great collaboration in the rehearsal. She takes notes flawlessly on the spot and goes above and beyond with developing her craft on stage. She is always striving for perfection and those who work with her rise to the occasion from her contagious and effortless talent."

-Gabe Moses, Director of Trouble in Mind

"Erin is not only a constant professional, she is a joy to work with. She brought an amazing sense of humor to a deep work (Doubt by John Patrick Shanley), and found nuances that most actors miss when playing Sister James."

-Dave Ebersole, Director of Doubt


     Erin Neupauer is an actress, vocalist, producer, and model. She has trained with professionals from NYU, Seton Hall, Images International, and has recently received her Master of Fine Arts in Performing Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design (rated one of the top 25 MFA Performing Arts programs in the world). During her time at SCAD, she has undergone training in multiple different techniques, her favorite being the Meisner technique. She is proficient in on-camera acting, commercial work, contemporary and classical theatre, voice training, and teaching.

     Her past year includes: playing Catherine in David Auburn’s 2001 Pulitzer Prize-winning drama Proof, filming her second lead role in a feature film, making her NYC debut in Horse Girls by Jenny Rachel Weiner, performing as Judy in Trouble in Mind by Alice Childress, and finally, performing as Sister James in Doubt by John Patrick Shanely in her Philadelphia debut! Her passion for theatre, film, and the arts has been the basis of how she lives her life, and she hopes to inspire and bring joy to others through her work. Check out her resume for some fun, unexpected facts about her interests. Enjoy!

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